Combine Both Data Connection & Wi-Fi Together in Android Mobile For Faster Internet

If you are a Android user, then you’ll be using internet connection by means of data connection or by Wi-Fi network. And sometime you might have both the facility, but you’d got really a slow internet connection.

Sometimes we might feel , it will be good to combine both the data connection and Wi-Fi network together for a faster internet browsing experience.  It is now possible to combine both data and wifi and we can use the internet.

Getting Started

Super Download is an Android application which is used to download web files much faster by using Wi-Fi and Mobile Data at the same time!

    Rooted android device of version 2.2 or higher. [Not all devices needs root permission]
    WiFi and Packet Data available at same time
    Download Super Download Android App for Android [Paid Version Link] [Free Version Link]


  • Using Both of the networks, packet data and WiFi require root access in your android.  And also allow permissions “authorize” to the superuser prompt window.
  • As you are using WiFi along with your packet data , you may incur in additional charges from your network operator for using packet data only.
  • Using Both the connections is not supported by some devices.
  • Since this is beta version and under testing stage, Some web server may not provide to much downloading speed as will your packet data and wifi will give simultaneously.
  • Currently only http and https protocols are supported (no ftp or torrent yet)
  • The Lite version or free one  has a file-size limit of 50 megabytes.
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