Create website within 2 minutes from facebook

See step by step how it takes place
1.Login to your 

2.Go to this link

3.You will see something like this

4.Click on start

5.Select "Go to app"
6.Then,you will see list of all your pages in the app.Select "allow"

7.After that you have to wait for a little longer,so do not panic and wait silently.

8. In this step,you have to select the page(this step will only be there if you
have more than one page).You can only select one particular page at a time.Also 2 options are there for website layout,one for personal selection,one for auto selection,choose what meets you wish more.

9.In the next step,you have to choose the layout for your website.It is exactly like selecting blogger theme after creating a blog.So choose best one as per your wish.

10.After selecting the desired template,you have to wait around 2 minutes,as your website will be getting ready for launching.So keep on watching.

11.In the next step,you have choose a design for your website.Click on an image to get a closer look and "choose" to choose your favorite website.Here many designs will be given,you can choose anyone of them.

12.In the next step this screen will come,here you can like their page if you want,otherwise wait

13.You have to publish your website,here you will see this page.Here as the picture is showing,you have to select "domain name" for your website.Choose anything related to your page name and click on "save".

14.your website is ready now.Now here you can do whatever you want with your website.By default,it will be in edit mode.You can do any type of editing as per your wish.

Immediately give a like to your website and start sharing it on your page and inform all the fans about this.
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