Share ZIP, PDF , APK , EXE , RAR files via WhatsApp

WhatsApp is limited to audio, video and image sharing. There is no option to share documents , archives and other files via WhatsApp . However, the application of a small settlement , you will be able to share ZIP, RAR, APK , EXE , PDF, DOC , PPT , XLS, etc. with friends on WhatsApp .

Follow these steps:
1. Install Dropbox and CloudSend App

2. CloudSend Open. You will be asked to link
with CloudSend Dropbox , allow .

3. Share Cloudsend needed file . The file to
your Dropbox will automatically load and
provide a link to that file

4. Share this " link " to his friends on
WhatsApp or any other courier , and will be
able to download files without any hassle.

5 . Run multiple Android WhatsApp Account
This is the most wanted WhatsApp trick as
many users have supporting dual SIM in your
smartphone and want to run WhatsApp
account separate from both SIM card numbers
on the same phones .

To do this, install SwitchMe App The
application lets you create separate profiles on
your smart phone use , which can have
different accounts , system settings,
applications and data. After installation , open
SwitchMe and create a new user profile. Shift
for this user profile and can connect to your
number of WhatsApp second SIM card.

That's it...! 
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